“That Harry Potter Girl” has GUMPTION.

My soul-sisterhood with Hermione Granger should come as no surprise. I was a school-obsessed straight-A know-it-all by the time I would have gotten my Hogwarts acceptance letter (and you know I kept up hope for that thing even the year after it should have arrived…) I also had brown hair. So, obviously – Hermione and I were tight.

By the time the Harry Potter movies were being made, I had discovered a passion beyond having the highest grade in the class Рacting. So, naturally, I was appalled when the news came out that they would only be auditioning British actors for the films. Heartbroken, having missed my chance to get paid handsomely for what came so easily to me (annoying people with how often my hand shot up in class,) I watched Emma Watson portray my literary best friend to a T.  She nailed it.

And yet, I’ve never been prouder of Ms. Watson than when I saw her speech at the UN on gender equality. Her message is spot on in that men need to be not only included in the feminist conversation, but leaders in it too.

A young actress taking on societal issues and portraying female characters in a non-objectified way?! Hell yes! If I had her platform, you can bet your ass I’d be at the UN podium. Cheers for Emma Watson, “That Harry Potter Girl” – has serious gumption.

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